Course Details

>>  Certificate direct from Awarding Body
>>  Course Transcript direct from Awarding Body
>>  Internationally-recognized qualification
>>  Includes training to teach English to Young Learners
        (mentioned on Certificate)
>>  Personal tutor support throughout your course
>>  Teaching practice with real students of English
>>  Teach a wide range of levels and age groups: adult,
       teenage, and young learners
>>  Observation of experienced teachers
>>  6-8 hours' teaching practice with real students of English
>>  Input delivered through dynamic interactive workshops
>>  Preference for jobs at our English Language Schools
>>  Train by the Spanish Mediterranean Coast
>>  Sign up with a friend and get 10 % off each
750 EUR

This is an INTESOL Worldwide course accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) and delivered by Anglo Centres TEFL as an official INTESOL training centre.


An in-class intensive 2-week course leading to a full TEFL / TESOL Certificate which combines methodological input sessions delivered by expert trainers with teaching practice with real students of English.

This TEFL course is offered at the following locations in Spain:

Course Qualifications and Accreditation

Successful candidates on the 2-week residential TEFL Certificate will be awarded INTESOL Worldwide's



This TEFL-TESOL Certificate is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based awarding body that specializes in English Language Teaching.


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How the course works

Your day will typically begin with input and lesson planning sessions in the morning, followed by teaching practice sessions and observations in the afternoon and evening. Our input sessions are based on the workshop model of learning where, throughout session, the students offer each other constructive criticism and reflections on what they learned.

For your Teaching Practice you will be teaching real students of English.

This experience will enable you to teach English effectively in a range of different learning contexts making you a very attractive candidate for a variety of teaching positions.

Teaching practice involves a minimum of six hours' observed teaching and lesson planning. There are guided purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors.

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Course Contents

Our TEFL-TESOL course involves over 140 hours of coursework, including at least six hours of hands-on teaching practice with real foreign language students. Classroom hours will primarily focus on ELT methodology and applied teaching practice. All of our classes take a hands-on, fun-orientated approach to learning. Instead of teaching from a textbook, we learn together through interactive, fun workshops. You will also be given opportunities to observe experienced teachers using the skills you have learned in a real classroom setting. In the end, you too will be given an opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge to teaching English to real students in a real classroom.

Our syllabus covers the following topics:

Learning and learner styles
Classroom management and teacher language
Language awareness:
  - The English Grammar System
  - The Phonology of English
  - The Lexis of English
Teaching grammar
Teaching pronunciation
Teaching vocabulary
Teaching models and lesson planning
Teaching the four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking
Teaching Young Learners and teenagers (TEYL)

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Course Aims

The overall aim of The Certificate in TEFL with Teaching Practice is to prepare candidates for their first English teaching job. This internationally accredited course provides the candidate with a good understanding of the relationship between the theories underpinning the practice of teaching English together with guided, purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors.

The following are some of the more specific objectives of this TESOL-TEFL course:

  • This TEFL-TESOL course is available to those speakers whose first or second language is English and is suitable for those who want to teach in the country of their choice.

  • This TEFL-TESOL course gives candidates the basic skills and knowledge with a strong foundation in TEFL-TESOL.

  • This TEFL-TESOL course makes candidates aware of the importance of further professional development throughout their career.

  • This TEFL-TESOL course reflects current approaches to TESOL-TEFL.

  • This TEFL-TESOL course encourages candidates to experience what it is like to be a language learner.

  • This TEFL-TESOL course encourages candidates to develop self-evaluation techniques and record progress throughout their course.

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Length of the course

The 2-week Certificate in TEFL with Teaching Practice comprises of an estimated 140+ hours. This includes a minimum 6-8 hours' teaching practice with real students of English and 4-6 hours' classroom observation of experienced teachers.

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Your progress will be continually evaluated. There are no exams. As you continue to improve in your teaching abilities your grade will continue to evolve to reflect your professional growth.

Certificates bear one of the following:

 A1 - Distinction
 A2 - Excellent
 B1 - Very Good
 B2 - Good
 C -   Pass

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Course fees and dates

You will find specific information on course dates and fees for this course by clicking HERE.

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After the course

Shortly after you successfully complete the online course, you will be mailed your certificate and course transcript.

However, your real award will not be a mere piece of paper. Your award will be a possession of the skills, experience and confidence to go out anywhere in the world and successfully teach other learners the English language.

At Anglo Centres TEFL, you graduate with more than just a certification to teach, you graduate as a professional educator.

Anglo Centres TEFL is an official training centre for INTESOL WORLDWIDE, a highly respected international organization with branches all over the world. Thanks to their support and their numerous connections with schools and recruiting agencies we can provide guidance that may land you the job you are looking for.

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Teach with Anglo Centres TEFL after your course!

If you would like to live and teach in Spain you have the opportunity to work for Anglo Centres. We recruit new teachers every year for our Adult, Young Learner and Business English courses.

Priority is given to our graduates so you may well end up teaching at one of our centres!

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Accredited TESOL Course