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As mentioned above, a base requirement for any TEFL-TESOL Course is that it be accredited by an external educational body. “Accredited” means that a respected outside institution has analyzed the course, its content, and its trainers. If the course meets the standards of the accrediting body, then the course is recognized as a legitimate TEFL-TESOL Certificate provider.

Accreditation is so important because it is one of the few ways you can tell something about a course before enrolling in it. In the chaotic TEFL-TESOL world, this is an important piece of information. When taking an accredited course, you are assured of a standardized, validated curriculum given by competent teacher-trainers.

It is also an important factor when looking for jobs, or applying for advanced degree programs in TEFL-TESOL. Both employers and university TEFL-TESOL programs usually only recognize accredited TEFL-TESOL Courses. They refuse to recognize unaccredited certificates because they cannot be certain of the quality of training given by unaccredited programs.

There are various TEFL-TESOL accreditation organizations. The following are some of the best known, and most respected:

Be cautious if you are considering enrolling in a TEFL-TESOL Course that is not accredited by a respected, external educational institution. Be sure to ask questions about why the course is not accredited, and how this lack of accreditation will affect your ability to get jobs, or to continue your TEFL-TESOL education in the future.