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The man who can make hard things easy is the educator

R.W. Emerson (American poet and essayist)

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When choosing a TEFL-TESOL Course, you must also consider several additional factors that can affect the quality of the program. These other factors include:

Employment Assistance Services:

Many schools assist their graduates in finding a job. This can be a very valuable service, especially in tighter job markets. The exact nature of this service varies by school, but it is usually free and provides you with information that details the region where you want to work, its job market, lists of potential employers, visa and work permit requirements, housing options, etc.
“ Lifetime” job assistance, is offered by some schools and could prove to be quite useful if you decide to switch countries or take a break between teaching jobs. If a school you are considering does not offer lifetime job guidance, then be sure to find out exactly how long you are eligible to receive employment assistance.

Finally, some TEFL-TESOL Courses even “guarantee” jobs for all of their graduates. Some schools are able to do so because they run their own language schools and can hire their TEFL-TESOL course graduates on the spot. In general, however, you should take this guarantee with a grain of salt. It is more of a marketing ploy than a contractually binding agreement. Furthermore, the most important variable when finding a job is YOU, the applicant. If you are hard working, dedicated, and TEFL-TESOL certified, you should be able to find a job teaching English virtually anywhere you want.