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R.W. Emerson (American poet and essayist)

...And now the question on everyone's mind ...

how much will you get paid?!

First things first, you should be aware that you will probably not get rich teaching English. Secondly, pay scales vary widely depending on the country in which you are teaching, and so getting an accurate idea of how much you will make depends entirely on where you decide to go.

In most countries, beginning TEFL-TESOL teachers will be able to live comfortably, and still save enough to enjoy their vacations and free-time. However, only a few countries (mainly in Asia and the Middle East) have job markets that will allow you to save significant amounts of money (e.g. $500-$1,000 per month) and still live well.

Teach English Worldwide Tip: In most countries, it is common to supplement your earnings with private English students, which you teach in addition to your regular classes. Once you have adjusted to life in the new country and gotten a feel for the private student market, this could become an important additional source of income for you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you must compare any wages to current exchange rates and to the country’s average cost of living. By checking out the exchange rate, you will be able to figure out how far your savings will go once you arrive in the country. $1,000, for example, will not last long in the United States, but it will allow you to live for many months in some less-developed Asian countries. Likewise, by investigating a country’s relative cost of living, you will be able ascertain the purchasing power and relative value of your future wages. For example, the Czech Republic pays relatively small salaries to beginning teachers. However, because the cost of living is so cheap there, one can live very comfortably in the center of Prague on an English teacher’s salary.

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