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The man who can make hard things easy is the educator

R.W. Emerson (American poet and essayist)

Central and Eastern Europe have increasingly developed English teaching industries. If you have obtained a respected TEFL-TESOL certificate, you should be able to find work relatively easily, and possibly even arrange a job before you arrive.

The best pay and most comfortable living conditions are in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. Prague and Budapest are popular destinations for both tourists and TEFL-TESOL teachers, and the best job opportunities in the region can be found in these historic cities. Poland is a quite easy job market to enter, but salaries are somewhat lower.

Much of the rest of Central and Eastern Europe is still in a substantial state of flux. As former Soviet countries make the difficult transition to free market economies, demand for English is growing by leaps and bounds. However, their economies are still very weak, and steady jobs and decent pay are hard to find. Russia, the Ukraine, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania all possess at least limited TEFL-TESOL industries. Some of the poorer nations in this group are primarily served by volunteer organizations.